The Department of Education, the largest government bureaucracy in the country, currently employs over half-a-million teachers.

The Department of Education (DepEd), which runs and supervises all public elementary and secondary schools, is the largest government bureaucracy in the country.

According to its Basic Education Information System (BEIS) for schoolyear 2012-2013, DepEd has 208 schools divisions that are composed of 38,569 elementary schools and 7,750 high schools nationwide.

DepEd employs more than half-a-million teachers, including 368,360 elementary teachers and 158,422 high school or secondary teachers. These figures do not yet include the number of non-teaching personnel such as principals, district supervisors, division superintendents, regional directors, school nurses, doctors, dentists, librarians, and other office staff of DepEd.

By the Numbers: Department of Education

Number of school divisions 208
Total number of schools 46,409
Number of elementary schools 38,659
Number of high schools 7,750
Total number of teachers 526,782
Number of elementary teachers 368,360
Number of high school teachers 158,422

Basic Education Information System (BEIS) SY 2012-2013, Department of Education, as of June 20, 2013

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